Saturday, 23 July 2011


I have made a little progress with my hexagons for Lily's quilts hex-along.
I thought i would just show you.
First the finished ones.
Second the work in progress.

It's a small start but i am enjoying it. I think it will come a bit addictive as i keep see such wonderful ideas over at the Lily's quilts flickr group.
Happy Quilting xx :-)


Ruth said...

Followed you here from Brit Quilt. Keep up the great work - your blog is fab!

Sharon said...

Thank you very much your very kind.

Judith said...

These are looking fab! It's a slow process for sure. And I love your bucket bag too! Jxo

Sharon said...

Thank you Judith your very kind.

Planet Penny said...

....found you via Craft Blog UK, ages since I did a hexy quilt but it's a lovely therapeutic activity. Fallen in love with your rag rug too, so many things, so little time! Your blog looks lovely, beautiful image in the header.