Monday, 25 January 2010

Changing and Moving

I am having a bit of a move round, i think this layout is a little better, i hope you like it.

This week sees the start of the Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along being run by Rachel of p.s. i quilt. I am looking forward to doing this it is the first i have done while writing a blog, i am hoping this will ensure that i keep up with it a little better than i usually do.

After a great deal of debate i am going with the Christmas fabrics, the range is

The plan is to use the Layer Cake for the pinwheels with the cream fabric pictured in the middle for the background of the blocks and the use the red check fabric for the sashing. The bauble print will be used as a final border or the backing depending how big the quilt is when it is finished.

In the mean time i have been working on a new bag pattern for the quilt group in help to run, it is a messenger style bag big enough to take a laptop or A4 folders. The bag is finished needs  a couple more washes to get nice a fluffy, just the pattern to write. It took 9 mens shirt backs - do like using recycled fabric gives project a lovely lived in look from the start. What do you think?

Talk to you all soon.

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